I have an S3 from Sprint running Android 4.3. I am trying to get hands free mode to work to announce an incoming caller via my bluetooth headset when it's connected. I have the settings turned on to announce a new call, announce an upcoming appointment and announce text messages. I have a Plantronics M50 bluetooth A2DP headset. I can play music via this bluetooth, and I hear all game/app sounds. The strange thing is that I can hear the ringer in my ear, and it will announce a new appointment in my ear (haven't tried text yet) but it will only use the phone speaker to announce an incoming caller. It will not announce the incoming caller via my bluetooth headset. I think I have everything set up right but I can not figure out how to get it to announce the caller in my bluetooth instead of the phones built in speaker. I have searched the forums and not found a problem just like mine and was hoping someone would be able to either tell me it can't be done, or point me in the right direction to get it set correctly.
Thank you,