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    Default Sprint HTC One - Stuck in Hboot

    My sister dropped her sprint htc one in water but she said it still worked great. After 24 hours it started malfunctioning and it was stuck in regular android hboot. S-on and locked. By hboot, I mean the screen with the 3 androids on skateboards. The power and volume down buttons didn't even work in hboot so you can't select anything. If you hold down the Power button it turns the screen off vice versa. Then I put it in rice overnight and in the morning i got it to boot up to sense 5, with safe mode on. Then I tried re-booting it and it just went in to the malfunctioning hboot again, with the three androids on skateboards. When plugged in it just says its charging with just the battery and the % on the screen. Tried to reboot it from that and it gave me the red triangle with the red exclamation point. Somehow I got it stuck in a bootloop: It says htc then a black screen. Somehow I got it out of that and back to Hboot again. Still nothing. Should I take it in to a sprint store and beg for a new one? Or Somehow factory reset it. I don't see how thats even possible considering the power button doesn't work In Hboot. Any help would be appreciated and my sister hasn't done anything to her phone ever.
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    Sounds like it could have two things going on..

    Water damage ( never can tell what exacting is damaged here )

    Damage possibly from the drop ?

    Anyhow it does sound like its not functioning right at all.. Sprint, you MAY get lucky if they don't check the water indicator and replace it if she has TEP insurance/store insurance... A tech would have to open the device to see them.
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    Default Re: Sprint HTC One - Stuck in Hboot

    Unless you have insurance it wont be covered because of the water damage no matter how much you

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