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    Default How do I unlock my phone if it has no OS?

    I dont know much about this stuff (def not tech savvy), but I decided to take my bad esn Sprint HTC One (running 4.3) and try to unlock it myself. I was successful in unlocking the bootloader, and I even rooted the device on my own (woo!!!). I was on the last stage of finally unlocking the phone, so I decided to go for it.

    I tried to follow these steps to finally unlock my HTC One, but I did not know how to go to /system/app to replace the files (The 'Root Reader' app didn't show /system/app in my phone).


    The files were:


    As a result, I tried to flash the copy files mentioned previously using this video as a guide

    I dragged and dropped the copies into the 'system storage' (not into a specific file) and started wiping data in TWRP 2.6 (Im assuming I wiped something that I shouldnt have). However, now whenever I try to boot my HTC One out of TWRP, I get the 'No OS installed..." message and it just just keeps showing the white screen with the HTC logo when I do boot anyways. When I connect my HTC One to my PC via usb cable, it doesnt even show up. I decided to take a screen shot of my files/drives/etc that I used. When I click on the 'instal' button in TWRP, it no longer shows the 'android' folder while scrolling through the list of things.

    What should I do to get the phone working again? Could I unlock it from here or do I have to backtrack or something? I have very little knowledge about this stuff so please try to explain things easily for me lol
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    Default Re: How do I unlock my phone if it has no OS?

    Could you relink to the XDA forum page please?

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