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    Default HTC One: KitKat transparency bar

    Is there any way to make the bottom bar transparent. The solid black color really annoys me for some reason and I think transparent just looks better. Id like to do so without a third party launcher or rooting my phone. Also, can I make the app screen transparent too? If I do have to root my phone, can someone guide me through the process or link me to a website that does?
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    Default Re: HTC Kit Kat transparency bar

    I don't know of any way without rooting or a third party launcher. I've been using the Google Now Launcher for several months, and I've been very happy with it.

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    Default Re: HTC Kit Kat transparency bar

    Is it hard to root?
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    Default Re: HTC Kit Kat transparency bar

    You can use the Google Now Launcher without having to root your phone. Just sideload the apk.

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