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    Default Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    Anyone else get this?

    Sent from my LG G2
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    I got this this morning, dont know what it did
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    I received the update this morning as well. All the change log says is: Audio issue enhancement and Google Security Patch. haven't noticed too much else yet.
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    I got my ZV8 update this AM also.
    Audio issue. Google security patch:

    There is already a few threads about this:
    Software Update
    BEWAR ZV8_13 Update w/ Root Keeper --> LOST ROOT
    Update changelog?

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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    I just got this message as well. I was too low on power to install it.

    I really hope it will help with the LOUD popping noise I am getting when my phone is plugged into my 2007 Camry Hybrid's AUX connection. I am getting these popping noises via my car's speakers when I press home screen buttons (messaging, voicemail, etc.) as well as when I change songs on Spotify or Pandora. It also makes the same terrible noise when I loose connectivity while streaming music and the speakers make the horrid POP noise at times when I reconnect. The funny thing is is that sometimes I hear no pops, and then minutes later the pops are back. I am in pure misery and it makes listening to music in the car via my phone IMPOSSIBLE to endure.

    I took it in to the Sprint dealer and they turned off all button noises and haptic feedback as well, but that was the 14th day I had it. I told them I was not happy with the phone and they suggested I try a different AUX cable. I bought a super expensive audiophile cable, and no dice--I still have the terrible popping sound. I had no trouble with my Samsung connected via Boost and since my car and my cable are the same, it clearly is THIS phone or Sprint connectivity.

    Is anyone else having this issue? I am heading back over to the Sprint store to discuss these concerns yet again. I like the phone, but the static I sometimes get on calls and moreover this POPPING are going to drive me mad. Anyone having similar issues? Anyone have any idea on how to stop the popping sound when using an AUX cable in the car? I may post this issue as a separate thread to see if others have the same concern. Thanks everyone!
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    Its probably your car, mine works just fine
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    Did u make sure the ayx cable is pressed in all the way ? I had a prob with my phone ,it kept having the voice dial show up because i didnt push the aux cable all the way into the jack
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    Default Re: Sprint System Update ls980zv7_01_to_zv8_13

    I've done the OTA update twice now and it still hasn't changed my version string. I hope I don't have these problems when 4.4 comes out.

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