I am having issues with the wifi at my work. Our IT changes the wifi password weekly. I don't often care to login to the wifi because I don't want to be bothered to go find the latest password. The following problem started about a month or so ago

I would be bugged daily by an automatic screen that would popup from my company asking for the wifi password. So, daily I would turn the wifi off. But usually at some point during the day it would turn itself back on on bug me again...repeatedly. So the other day, I put in the password, but later that day and the next day, it asked the login screen kept interrupting my to put tin the password that I was already connected to. Even though I was connected to the Wifi, I was certain sites were not working. When I turned off wifi, they worked.

The other day I learned through a forum to turn off Connections Optimizer. So I did. I don't get bugged to log in, but it still logged me in today. I don't know how, since yesterday was a new password. I noticed that a text that was sent to me this morning would not download in two separate occasions. So, I turned off my my wifi and tried again. I was able to download it then.

What is going on with my work's network? This does not happen at home when I connect to wifi.