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    Default Lg marquee (boost mobile) extended batterys

    So i have had my Lg marquee for about 4 days and "calibrated" the battery, so far the most i have gone with out a charge is a little over 10 hours. I have done some research on extended battery's and would like to keep the slim factor of the phone, heres the few that i found.

    I was wondering has anyone used either of these battery's? So far ive heard that the 1900mah gets a average user about 13 hours a day but i haven't heard anything about the 2430mah battery, i would like to know if its worth buying the two 1900mah battery's with a charger or buy the 2430mah battery? Thanks, i might just buy the 2430mah and see how it works out but i wanted to see what everyone else said about the two battery's in terms of battery life.
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    Default Re: Lg marquee (boost mobile) extended batterys

    Does anyone have pictures of the LG Marquee with extended battery which requires a new back cover?

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