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    Question Updating older LG Marquee LS855 w/o service.

    We used to have Sprint service on a couple of LG Marquee cell phones, but now my wife uses hers much more as a tablet, as there is no active service on it. Things were fine for a while, but now.....it's slow, it crashes constantly, and even though it's 4 inches away from an Asus AC1750 Gigabit WiFi router, it says it's out of range. Any way I can maybe root this thing, and get it running a better version of Android or just make the damn thing a bit more stable for her? I really don't feel like buying her a new tablet, and she's very adverse to "new tech". Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    BTW, I'm very good with tech, but I have almost no interest in smart phones, or tablets. I have several Samsung Tablets that all work just fine as is. You want to build a ridiculous gaming rig, or some PhotoShop Super Machine? I'm your man, and I even have my own version of Windows 7, so I'm not tech ignornat, I just know NOTHING about phones and such.
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    Default Re: Updating older LG Marquee LS855 w/o service.

    OK, so screwing about with the settings on my router seems to have got this silly thing recognizing the router, but it never gets past Authintacation.......please help.

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