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    Default Is There a "IAP Cracker" for Android?

    Before I gave my ipod touch 2g to my mother 3 months ago (I wanted her to feel hips with todays kids XD) I downloaded a tweak from cydia called IAP Cracker, it somehow modifies most of your apps so that the in app downloadable content is free. I thought "if Apple has it, surely Android has it!"
    I've already used google, but since I've only been a full fledge android user for 2 months, I thought it was just that I wasn't looking in the right places
    So can anyone help a fellow brothern out?
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    Sorry... Never heard of it.

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    Default Re: Is There a "IAP Cracker" for Android?

    No there isnt anything of the sort. Discussion of such things is not allowed on the forums.

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