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    Default need help !!!! im a rookie!

    I recently purchased a g2 and love it because I had the Samsung galaxy s epic , and its still looks brand new, not a scratch, however last week the charging port came out as I unplugged it, it was loose for a few weeks prior. I wana give it to my pops so he can experience what a true smart phone is like. Ice called local repair places an they range from $70 to 125$, I found a repair man who said if I buy the part he will do it for 30$, I saw a sight where it was 4$, and another around $7... Could anyone please send me a link on where I can purchase this ???? Thanks so much.
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    Default Re: need help !!!! im a rookie!

    You mentioned the G2 ? I'm guessing your talking about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Epic 4g Touch) ? This is the Samsung Nexus S 4G forums

    The forums you need to be posting in is below...

    Samsung Galaxy S II Forums
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    Default Re: need help !!!! im a rookie!

    Paul, when I click the link you posted, it brings up a blank page that says "Page not found".

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