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    Default My Spint Nexus S 4G just died... any help appreciated

    Was surfing the web on my Nexus S 4G with 80% battery at least when it just went blank. It does not respond to any button nor does it respond to being plugged into a charger. I have the warranty w/ Sprint that i pay $7 / month for so i don't want to void that but am interested in any fix that can help me on Thanksgiving Day. Bit of a downer to have the phone die but much to be thankful for without it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Default Re: My Spint Nexus S 4G just died... any help appreciated

    Suggest a battery pull and try getting the computer to recognize it.

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    Default Re: My Spint Nexus S 4G just died... any help appreciated

    Sorry to hear especially on the holiday.

    First I'm going to assume since this is posted in the general Nexus S 4G forums that your stock? If your not stock, as in rooted and possibly running a custom ROM then a little background history will be helpful on your setup.

    Second.. I'm thinking either battery may have failed or not giving you a true indication of the battery level. This also brings into play have you tried using a couple different USB cables to charge the device?

    I would also try pulling the battery, leave it out for maybe 5 or 10 minutes then pop it back in and see what happens.

    I would also try plugging it into your computer and see if you computer recognizes the device.. This could tell us if there is a chance you might have had a complete display failure making it look like the device is dead and unresponsive...
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