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    Default calibrate touch screen?

    Is there some way to calibrate the touch screen? I used the swype keyboard, and I've noticed that when I intend to long press the "m" key in order to get a "?", I often (and I mean *often*) will end up pressing the return key. To get the "?" I have to move to the left... as if I'm pressing in between the "m" and the "n" key.

    I've looked this up in the forums and on google, and it appears that you can calibrate the touchscreen on other phones by going to Menu -> settings -> Language & Keyboard, and then there's an option under there to run a tool to calibrate the screen. But I can't find any such option on the MoPho.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    also would like to know this
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    Count me in...
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    Same here
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    I think Motorola disabled it
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    Yes touch screen calibration is a needed function if not mandatory!

    My touch screen is hypersensitive, you can practically breath on it to launch an app! Even with a screen guard on it!

    Come on Moto, the only touch screen phone without calibration?

    I still love my MoPho though!
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    Curious about this myself. I find, using any keyboard, spacebar often doesn't respond. Typing is much less precise than it was on my Samsung Mesmerize (again, any keyboard - SwiftKey X, Smart Keyboard Pro, stock Android, Swype, etc).
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    My screen must of needed breaking in.

    My touch input is fine now.

    But there should be some settings for it, maybe Moto will do it in a future update if enough peop bring up the issue.

    Love my MoPho!
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    same here
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    Haven't seen this feature since my g1 and hero....

    Sent using my MoPho-King photon
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    I don't know how old your phone is but after a month my touch screen is working fine

    but some key boards do act up

    So at this point there is still not a calibration tool

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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    According to Verizon, there is no option for calibrating the phone. Unfortunately. Because I am really tired of hitting the wrong letters. Grrrr
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    Default Re: calibrate touch screen?

    if anyone knows how you can help the LG Optimus L9 p760 calibrate touch screen

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