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    Default video calls on camera wont turn on...

    I cannot get video calls to work on my photon. I have video enabled in the settings...ive tried both high/low quality.

    when i make a video call to my girlfriend (she has iphone 4s) i can see her perfectly fine, we can both hear one another, but she cannot see me. I try to enable the front and rear cameras with the option in the lower lefthand corner when in a call...they wont turn the camera on. Whe i press to turn the camera on, she said her screen says "enabling video" but it doesnt work.

    Ive tried to search the issue but have found nothing. Anyone have a fix or have had similar issues? I haven't tried to video anyone else so im not sure if its just between her and i. She is on wifi, I am on 4G
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    Default Re: video calls on camera wont turn on...

    I think you should try skyping someone not on an apple device. I do know that on my webOS Touchpad, others have had problems skyping with friends/family on iPads.
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    Default Re: video calls on camera wont turn on...

    Hey, I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution? Thanks!!
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    Default Re: video calls on camera wont turn on...

    Having the same problem. Please help!
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    Default Re: video calls on camera wont turn on...

    I think it's Skype lately, I couldn't get video to work with my fiancee on a gs3 but can with my sister on an iPhone...

    ~swyped from my galaxy note 2 on the now network

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