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    Default Note 3 - how is the speaker?

    I'm thinking about picking up a Note 3 and was wondering what everyone thinks of the speaker sound quality and volume (both the earpiece and speaker). One of the reviews I read said it wasn't even as good as the S4 (Engadget, I think). I listen to a lot of podcasts and sound quality and volume is important to me. Can anyone offer any comments? Thanks!!
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    Default Re: Note 3 - how is the speaker?

    The ear piece is excellent and even has an extra volume mode. The speaker phone is okay but not exceptional. The earpiece blows my Droid Maxx out of the water but the Droid Maxx had a better speaker phone.

    Still it should be good enough for podcasts if their recorded at a decent sound. Netflix seems a bit low but Music seems good.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon)
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