I'm the Linux systems admin for our startup. I have our monitoring system setup to send an e-mail to my cell phone's SMS message tool. Issuing something like the following at a command line sends the /etc/fstab file through e-mail and gets to me as an SMS message.

Mail -s test < /etc/fstab

The problem I have is that I want the notification sound for this to be something different from the standard SMS message sound. I'm only going to get these e-mail alerts when our company site goes down. If the site goes down at 2 AM, I want the phone to wake me up with something horrible and obnoxious, not one of the cutesy little SMS tones that are standard with the phone.

I can set custom SMS tones per user in my contacts database, but that requires the sender to be sending from another phone, not e-mail. I tried creating a contact in my database, with the return address our system uses, but no phone number. But when I send an email from our alert system with the appropriate return address, the phone doesn't catch it and just uses the standard SMS tone.

I think I'm probably doomed on this one, but if someone out there as a suggestion, I'm open to it.