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    Default Galaxy S4: HELP with Hands Free

    PLEASE.......I want the hands free function turned off until I need it. How do I do that?? It turns itself on every half hour.

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    Default Re: HELP with Hands Free

    At the top there should be an icon for Driving Mode. Make sure it's turned off

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    Default Re: HELP with Hands Free

    I've always known how to turn it off.......it just keeps turning itself back on. How do I keep it off?????????
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    Default PLEASE PLEASE Help with Hands Free Mode

    So far no one has been able to help me. Does anyone else have this voice that keeps reactivating ever half hour?!?!? I turn it off.....it comes back on, by itself.
    It's making me crazy.
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    Default Re: PLEASE PLEASE Help with Hands Free Mode

    I have been having the same problem ever since I installed the last update on my galaxy s4 phone. It is driving me crazy too!! (and my husband, when my phone decides to talk in the middle of the night). I hope someone has an answer soon.

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    Default Re: PLEASE PLEASE Help with Hands Free Mode

    I found the solution on another site.....

    .Originally Posted by joenote3 View Post
    I found a solution to the problem - at least it worked for me.

    Go to location services under settings, chose my places, chose car, select method - none, save.

    Now the hands-free mode does not turn on automatically.

    This worked for me Just to clarify the last step.... after you select NONE, you need to press OK and then SAVE * Don't forget to save* I hope this works for you too
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4: HELP with Hands Free

    Tank you very much. This is the correct answer.
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