Okay, I just purchased an Samsung HM3300 BT headset. I thought that I could use it with hands-free, but apparently I am wrong.

I purchased the headset to use when I drive. I don't want to have to fumble with answering the phone, or check the text message that just came in. I want to be able have the phone automatically read the message to me and to dictate the reply for me. However, nothing seems to work.

Voice commands don't work at all. I should be able to wake the phone up just by saying "Hi Galaxy", but the only time that works is when the phone is already wake. If I receive a text message, I just get an announcement telling me that I have a text message, but the phone wont read it to me. If I push the button on the headset to activate the phone, I just get a beep, and then nothing happens. In the past, I've been able to push the button on the headset and say "Call ....." , but I have to unlock the phone before I can do anything.

I thought hands-free was so that I can operate the phone without having to fumble around to wake it up, unlock it and then tell it to dial, or text, or do something. Is it that I am not using it correctly, or just the feature doesn't work?