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    Default Sprint Galaxy S4: KitKat update

    I have never done an OS upgrade before. I got it this morning and understand the process. What I want to find out is if I will have to redo my phone set up, emails and etc. Download my apps and launcher? Or, do I do the upgrade and it will all be mostly the same?
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    Default Re: Kitkat update


    Doing an OS update is not a big deal really.

    • Make sure you have a fully charged phone so it doesn't cut out during the installation.
    • Backup any important files such as photos, etc from your device's internal storage just in case.. (Updates don't wipe/erase the device or sdcard)
    • Make sure all your Contacts, GMail, any Google related items are sync'd to your GMail account which they should already be.
    • All of your current setup such as apps, settings, etc will remain the same unless its something changed specifically in the update.

    Accept the update and relax.

    Known problems: Sometimes after a major OS update you may get some lag or ill effects from the update. Many times this will work itself out within a day or two as the device settles, but sometimes it may need a Factory Reset to clear the device out and give it a fresh start. Also many people complain of poor battery life immediately afterwards, again this can be attributed to the update.

    Any other probs we have a great community and team of Ambassadors here to help answer your questions!

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Kitkat update

    I wish my S4 was getting the update.

    Sent from a device beyond your wildest dreams!
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    Default Re: Kitkat update

    Thanks for the input and welcome Paul. Update was totally uneventful!

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