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    Default Sprint Tri-Band Galaxy S4 and CDMA

    I have a Sprint Tri-Band Galaxy S4. For the past two weeks, I have had no signal in my house.

    I talked Sprint into sending me a Airave 2.5+ at no cost. After I set it up, still no bars.
    I tried my wife's flip phone and it got 5 bars.

    When troubleshooting my Galaxy S4, I first checked "Network Mode" in Settings, it was on "Automatic".
    I switched to "CMDA" and got 5 bars, but no LTE Data, only 3G.

    When I tried "LTE/CMDA" I got LTE back (Not from the Airave), but no voice.

    Which brings us to my question -- Why no CMDA voice in "Automatic" ??

    Then just to test, I turned the Airave off, I now had 3 bars in my house from the Sprint tower.
    Switching to "Automatic" left me with 0 bars again.

    I would think with no signal in "Automatic" mode, it would then seek other bands and find the signal.

    I can only guess that "Automatic" seeks the 1900 Mhz band, and Airave is on 800 Mhz.
    I can't be absolutely sure because Sprint won't tell me.

    If I'm right, why won't my Tri-Band Galaxy S4 find the signal on 800 Mhz??
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    Default Re: Sprint Tri-Band Galaxy S4 and CDMA

    My new airave didn't work until I called and Sprint activated it - even though it was supposed to have been already activatedů

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    Default Re: Sprint Tri-Band Galaxy S4 and CDMA

    Mine is activated, and it works, but only in "CDMA", not "AUTOMATIC"

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