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    Default Memphis users, time to get excited!

    According to my chat with Sprint Support today, Memphis will have 4GLTE within the next 4 weeks. Until then, data speeds will be very crappy due to the upgrades in progress.
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    Default Re: Memphis users, time to get excited!

    Looks pretty close.

    Memphis...1st LTE Sites = Sept 2012; Anticipated Launch = November 2012; Anticipated Completion = February 2013

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    Default Re: Memphis users, time to get excited!

    I don't have an LTE phone but sure hope this helps with 3G. My download speeds are atrocious.

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    Default Re: Memphis users, time to get excited!

    I just ran a test and got 0.03 Mbps download and 0.04 Mbps upload!
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    Default Re: Memphis users, time to get excited!

    I got LTE in Bartlett tonight on 40w near the appling exit .. Only had it for about a minute but I did get to run a quick app on the iphone 5 and was getting 9mb download.

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