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    Default Should I stick with Sprint?

    Hey. I mentioned this in the intro thread, but I'll bring this here, too.

    I'm on a Sprint plan with my mom and sister. We're all eligible for upgrades in January (my sister's actually eligible now; not sure why...). We're on their old plan; 1500 minutes, which is fine since we don't use them that much, but unlimited everything else.

    The thing is that we haven't been using that much data. Between the three of us, we've been averaging a little over 1 GB of data each month since we've been on the plan. My sister's pretty much the main one using nearly a gig.

    We all currently have the iPhone 4. No 4G, which is why I tend to go on wifi whenever I can, explaining my low data usage. Not sure what mom's deal is.

    Another thing is I've been promoted at work. Before that, I wouldn't say I struggled to pay the bill, but the bill seemed pretty high (surcharges and gov't taxes adds nearly $30 to the bill). It also seemed like I was paying for a bunch of stuff we didn't even use.

    Should I stick with Sprint, or should I go for T-Mobile? Their plan looks pretty attractive, with customizing the data per phone, and I wouldn't be tied down to a contract.
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    Sprint's value lies in unlimited data and solid voice coverage. If you get good reception with tmo. It's worth a look.

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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    In my area (Baltimore), Sprint's service hasn't been bad at all. Although our phones don't have 4G, Sensorly says that Sprint's 4G coverage is a little better than T-Mobile's where I live and work, but not by that much. Voice has been pretty good with Sprint, too.

    Customer service with Sprint hasn't been too bad, but that's probably because I've only called them twice over the past year-and-a-half. The main issue was the high surcharges.

    The bills charged me for Baltimore County utility tax, even though I live in Baltimore City. The customer service rep said that the bill was correct. That didn't seem right to me.
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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    I am not an American, but I think at the end of the day it comes down to value without a sub par connectivity. Where I am I could go Telstra who had the best coverage by far but outlandish fees and for that reason I swapped to optus, very good coverage not as great and fees are let's say uncompareable.

    I think if T Mobile will end up saving you some money and they have reasonable coverage it could be worth the swap. There is no harm in trying t mobile out with maybe a prepaid sim and making the move. Worse case scenario is you move back.

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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Best bet would be to activate a line with TMO, spend a week or two testing out the coverage. Home, work, places you visit often, then make a decision.
    I switched from Sprint to TMO and am very happy i did so. But for me i also have great coverage with TMO..
    Not everybody has that luxury. As with ALL wireless providers, some are stronger then others and the only real way to know for sure is to test it your self or find someone who will test with you..
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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Thanks for the advice.

    Just for kicks, I checked out my Sprint account, just to see how much it would cost to upgrade our phones. Even when trading in our current phones, I didn't see much of a discount on any of the phones we wanted, or on any of the good ones at least. If anything, it would probably be more cost effective to pay the ETF and move on to T-Mobile.

    Looking closer at the coverage map of my area, Sprint's coverage overlapped T-Mobile's, but only by a little bit. My area still gets good coverage on either service.

    I won't make the move yet, but I plan on stopping by a T-Mobile store this weekend, just to see my options.
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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Stick with it. I currently have the same plan too and its pretty good. Its funny when your friends brag about how their coverage is when you have unlimited data and texting.

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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    It does sound nice... but we're light smartphone data users. We also live in a part of the country where we'll get good coverage regardless of carrier. Sprint's plan is perfect for some, but not for me.

    I'm still on the fence, but I'm leaning toward switching to T-Mobile this Saturday.
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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Make sure not to trust the carrier coverage maps.. They can be less than truthful.

    Check It is user submitted data for carrier coverage.. So real world results.

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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Quote Originally Posted by Almeuit View Post
    Make sure not to trust the carrier coverage maps.. They can be less than truthful.

    Check It is user submitted data for carrier coverage.. So real world results.

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    Sensorly is pretty good, but shows that Tmob LTE ends about a mile from me. I have super fast Tmob LTE at home. I suppose I should download their app and update the maps for them.
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    Default Re: Should I stick with Sprint?

    Well... I'm still with Sprint. Although I was pretty much ready to move on today, one of the other two users wants to stay. Surprisingly, it isn't the data hog.

    The issue is that mom thinks it's silly for me to pay the ETF (although I can afford it), and suggests that I stick with the plan until the contract is up in just a couple months (it's actually nearly half a year). It's not that Sprint is bad, because it isn't. As I keep telling her, it's expensive, and it comes with things we don't need.

    I guess I have to wait until the end of May.

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