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    Default New voicemail icon but no voicemail

    Ok this is about to drive me crazy. I have a Motorola Atrix 2 which has so far given meminimal problems and I'm quite happy with it, but right now, I'm about to throw it out the window. I spend a lot of time on my phone so this is very frustrating.
    Ok so nothing much was really happening, I was on Facebook, it crashed, then I turned off my phone and turned it back on and the voice mail icon was there. I called voicemail, no messages, and no erased messages either. I have turned my phone off and on 5 times and it won't go away. This has happened before but it was fixed by turning my phone be off and turning it back on again. Now I am at my wits end. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help me.
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    Default Re: New voicemail icon but no voicemail

    The problem's probably on the other end. Try calling yourself from another phone and leave a message. Then call your VM and delete it. If that doesn't work do it again but after you delete the message stay in the VM system longer (listen to a saved message or just loop thru the menus)--some people report that helps ensure the system sends the clear command. Luck.

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