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    Default Digitizer or LCD bad?????

    I just replaced the digitizer on my Atrix 2 and everything was working fine. I noticed a spot of lint stuck between the digitizer and the lcd so I took the phone back apart. I however forgot to disconnect the flex cables while popping the circuit board out. As a result of the stressing the cables the top edge of the screen no longer works. I think it is due to the LCD flex cable as that was really stretched, but would it be the digitizer or the LCD screen?

    I can still use the phone, it's just that the menu at the top does not respond anymore.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Default Re: Digitizer or LCD bad?????

    It is more than likely the digitizer if you stretched the flex cables to much then you might need both the LCD and Digitizer
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    Default Re: Digitizer or LCD bad?????

    I guess I should have clarified my question better. Could it be just the LCD? It really didn't seem like the digitizer was stretched, I know that the LCD was.


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