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    Default How does it compare to the S3?

    HI folks. This phone caught my eye. I picked up the S3 when it came out but I don't love it and I don't love the price I paid either. Still within my return period and wanted to know what users thought of this phone. I think it looks cool and I think I would like the size better than the S3. I'm very impatient so I guess my main interest is how it performs. Thanks.
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    Default Re: How does it compare to the S3?

    Lots of reviews out now including engadget and phone arena. Basically it's good for $99(49 at BB) but doesnt measure up to the HOX and the GS 3
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    Default Re: How does it compare to the S3?

    I've only used it for yesterday and this morning, but I've not run into any issues yet, though I'm keeping an eye on battery life as I suspect it might be. You should just go into a store and spend an hour playing with the demo. You'll get an idea if the phone is what you are looking for. In general I agree that the One X and GSIII are a notch above, but for some people the Atrix HD might be just right. I have definitely found it easier to use with one hand for some reason. Not sure why as the size difference isn't that great.
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    Default Re: How does it compare to the S3?

    Wondering about battery life? I am thinking of picking up this phone today and the only thing holding me back is battery life. I have seen a comparison showing 5.5 hrs compared to ~9 hrs for comparable spec phones. That's a big difference. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: How does it compare to the S3?

    Battery and camera seem to be the universal biggest gripes. Everyone is different but those are big issues to me.
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    Default Re: How does it compare to the S3?

    I've been using the phone for a few now and I am getting about 8 to 15 hours of battery on it.
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    I have owned both the HOX and the GS3 and can tell you that each phone has its strengths. I think that this phone holds its own against both of them. The camera works well, just not as consistent as the other two. However as a phone, there truly isn't anything better on at&t. Love the speakerphone and feel that the software touches are fantastic. Overall I am very pleased with this device.

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