Since the camera wasn't focusing, I needed to send the phone in to Moto for repairs. Big mistake, they couldn't find the phone, they couldn't find the description of problems which was physically wrapped around the phone and secured to it when it was sent in. What did they fix? They don't know.

But now that it is fully fixed and every check on their checklist is tested as properly functioning, it usually burns through the battery in barely 1/2 a day, when it used to go a full 24 hours without any problem. The GPS isn't the culprit, that's been off. No new apps were installed, I just restored most of what was on it before the repair, which included a reset. Screen brightness is the same too.

So how do I find out what is sucking the power ?! I try the built-in battery usage, today it said phone idle 43%, media 41%, were the main power consumers. Which is odd since I haven't used any "media" settings since PowerAmp was turned off YESTERDAY.

Sometimes, I'll find the phone is in my pocket and HOT, although the GPS is off and the screen is off, but something obviously is on. Anyone know where and how to stake this vampire?