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    Default SD card not reading!?!? HELP!!

    Ok guys and gals, Im a noob with Android and I just got My Atrix today and Im loving it!! I'm just having two issues. I had a BB 9700 with a 2G SD and I put in my Atrix. The problem is it doesnt read it. When I take pics it doesnt let me see the pictures and says there is no SD card installed ?? When I go to my gallery it shows SD card is unmounted or unavailable??

    Also how can I check my memory?? I know the Atrix has 16G internal memory but I cant seem to find it. I go to SD card and phone storage settings and it only shows application storage of 1.53GB. I know these are noob questions but they are bugging the hell out of me. Thanks in advance.
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    did you figure out how to fix this yet???? I am experiencing the same thing with my moto droid 2 global. And I've tried multiple sd card to make sure it wasn't the sd's fault.
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    Try formatting your SD cards. Plug into your computer, find them in "My Computer" (for windows) right click, format. See if that works.
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    Did you encrypt the card so it can only be read on that Blackberry? That's probably not it, but check it anyway.

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