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    Default GTunes Music HELP!!

    Does anyone out there know how I can transfer my music from the free GTunes Music Library?

    I have LOADS and LOADS of songs that I don't want to lose. My computer will not recognize
    my USB chord or any chord that hooks to my captivate.

    I'm wondering if I can copy it to a folder on the phone. I found my library but don't know where to
    go from there. If it's in a folder won't my SD card have it on there? The SD card doesn't show I
    have any music saved.

    My stupid phone is breaking down on me and at and t wants me to do a master reset to see
    if that will fix my phone. But if I do I lose my music.

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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    I don't know about the files from GTunes library that you are trying to get onto your phone, but you can go to the market and download and install Wi Fi File Explorer (I believe there is a free version you can try) and then you can download files to your phone via your wifi network. The app works well, but it is a slower connection than direct USB connection to computer.
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    I also have Gtunes application in my phone.
    Try this one, in Gtunes application you will find 8 option : search; chart; download; library; player; editor; rate and share
    choose library ---> folders : with this you will find where the songs is saved like this
    Then if you want to move your music file, you must exit the application and go to My file or fiture on home which you save all your data from SD card
    and then you must follow what you find in folders Gtunes application

    for example: in Gtunes library ----> folders I find my song saved in /mnt/sdcard/media/music/...
    Exit Gtunes application
    choose My files---> folder media---> music---> block all the song that I wanted---->remove to new folder

    I think why you PC doesn't recognize your USB phone because your PC not yet to be installed software from your phone Or maybe your current OS is bellow windows 7.
    I also have the same problem with you
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    I am having the exact same problem and your solution didn't help. I have no clue what you're talking about. go to My Files? where? I understood up to the point of locating where the gtunes folders are.
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    nevermind. I got it thanks a lot!
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    I also have GTunes and just transferred it to my Samsung G4 and it transferred fine except now they are not alphabetized. I cannot find how to file them in the library alphabetically and I know I have seen it before. I am wondering if the app didn't download properly. Does anyone know how to alphabetize?
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!

    Do you know how to make G tunes shuffle?
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    Default Re: GTunes Music HELP!!How to make GTunes shuffle?

    Quote Originally Posted by spollard1 View Post
    Do you know how to make G tunes shuffle?

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