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    Default how do you disable Audible Notifications during phone call

    Android newbie here. While i'm on a phone call i receive text notifications that are just beeps. Those are cool because only i can hear it. But sometimes i receive GTalk notifications and they are loud ringers than even my callers can hear on the other end. Is there a way to fix this?
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    There is an option under Settings (system), Call Settings, All Calls, Alerts On Call. But it looks like that will disable everything...
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    Default Linked volume!

    The answer is linked volume. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that in order to automatically disable incoming notifications while on a call, the "alerts" and "ringer" volumes must be linked (default). While unlinked, they are more granular to manage (and my preference), but they alert notifications are not silenced during a call. Pretty logical really, but perhaps a feature that can be addressed in a future update. =)
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    Default Re: how do you disable Audible Notifications during phone call

    Just wonderful...taking functionality away in future releases. Nice.
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    Default Re: Linked volume!

    Any way to re-link the volume?
    Does this mean that there is simply no way to silence notifications during a call? Unchecking "Alerts On Call" does nothing to keep email from buzzing loudly in my ear during phone calls.

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