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    Default Phone Not Reading SIM card?

    I turned my phone off and pulled my battery today as I was thinking about buying an extra Samsung battery for my phone. Once I did that and turned my phone on it no long connects to ATT's network at all. I think the SIM card is not being initialized but I dont know what to do to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Sounds like you slid the SiM out a little (or maybe a lot).

    Obvious, but-

    1) check that the sim is pushed all the way in.

    2) If you did take the sim out for any reason, make sure you put it back in the right way around - the notch just above the G of Samsung on the battery.

    Hope this helps, click on thanks if it did

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    @anneoneamouse Everything was put back the correct way. I just checked and it is all back the correct way.

    I tried to save a contact to my SIM card and it worked. But I still dont know why it wont connect to the network.
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    Check that you're not in flight mode

    Settings > Wireless and Network > Flight Mode checkbox should be unchecked

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    @anneoneamouse I'm not in Flight Mode.
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    I'd give at&t customer service a call.

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    Is it saying that it isn't reading the sim? Or is it just not connecting to the network? Also, the obvious, have you rebooted the unit with the sim in it?
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    @TheBronze I have been booting the device with the sim in the phone. There is no message it just will not connect to the network. I now know that it can read the sim (I think) because I can save a contact to the sim card.

    EDIT: Maybe the thread title should be "Phone Not Connecting to Network"
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    Replace the sim it is shot in part of the programing for it
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    Default Re: Phone Not Reading SIM card?

    I am having the same issue with my phone. I don't know what the problem is. I called at&t, they told me they were sending me a new sim card, but I just tried my sim card in another phone and it connects, so it's not the sim card. It's the phone.
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    Default Re: Phone Not Reading SIM card?

    I let my friend put his sim card in too my fone so he can make a call and when i put my sim cars back in to my cellfone my fone couldnt read my card... plz help??
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    Default Re: Phone Not Reading SIM card?

    Hi. My phone got soaked in soda early Sunday morning. I dried it off, took out the battery SIM card and SSD card and put the phone in a bowl of rice. It is now Monday evening, and I put my phone back together. It is working but it is not reading my SIM card. Do I need to further dry out the phone or is it useless? Help, please!!

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