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    Default Maybe we should all join this lawsuit on Samsung about Froyo

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    Wow, good for them but i seriously doubt it is going to get very far.
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    It wont get that far at all and what I don't understand is why are people waiting on Samsung for Froyo when you get have it already and its way better then what at&t,verizon,sprint, and T-mobile will give you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slayers View Post
    It wont get that far at all and what I don't understand is why are people waiting on Samsung for Froyo...
    Although I have rooted and changed to Cognition, I understand why people wait. For what these devices cost it is not unreasonable to expect the update. Why root when you shouldn't have to? Rooting is not without potential problems - big ones.

    I waited a long time before deciding to take the plunge. For a new Android user the prospect of rooting is rather daunting. However, with all the help available in the Forums, it was a simple process. However, I know others who did not find it so simple.

    Right now my advice to any Captivate user would be to root and switch to Cognition or some other ROM. After doing that it was like I had a totally new (and different) device.

    I would not join any class action lawsuit. I got what I paid for - a device with Android 2.1.
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    I wonder if they will do a lawsuit against ATT and Samsung
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