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    Default My Apps in the market are gone ?

    When I go to My Apps in the market, the only ones there are the ones I purchased. All the others are gone from the list.

    I have done several things in the last few days. Not sure if one of them is the problem or not. This is what I did.

    1. I rooted my phone.
    2. I installed TitaniumBackup.
    3. I did the adb shell thing and edited settings.db to allow third party apps.

    I noticed the problem after I did number 3 above. By doing this, would it of messed with My Apps list in the market?

    I tried to restore the market links using TitaniumBackup Market Doctor but it said there was no links to the market. I then tried long pressing on a app and selected "Attach to Market (forced)" and it went through with no errors but still no market links.

    I tried clearing the Market Cache and I installed a new app from the market to see if it would refresh the list but it didn't. Then a little while latter the new app I just installed was gone from the list. I mess around in TitaniumBackup after the app install so mybe something I did there caused it.

    In TitaniumBackup preferences I have Market Link checked marked to save market links. It also says "Requires SQlite". I did not install a app called SQlite but in TitaniumBackup on the Overview screen it shows "SQLite: YES (SQLite 3.7.2 included)

    Any ideas what the problem is?

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    Two questions- is your list of changes above complete? What did you install after you enabled loading of 3rd party apps?

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    same thing happened to me today. Only my paid apps are showing. What the F??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodness View Post
    same thing happened to me today. Only my paid apps are showing. What the F??
    are the apps in your app drawer? did you try removing and reinserting your SD card?
    did you try resetting your market
    settings>applications>manage applications>clear data/cache
    then close out and reopen your market a couple times?
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    That's all I remeber doing before I noticed the apps in the list missing. I didn't install any new apps until after I noticed the apps in the list were gone. I tried installing a app to see if it would refresh the list and it didn't.

    My apps are in the app drawer on my phone and work fine. I did try clear cache but did not work. The apps that are installed from the market are not in my downloads on the market anymore. If I search for a app on the market that I installed already it does not show it's installed.

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    Ya I got all my apps back in the my downloads list on the market.

    This is what I did:

    I used my task killer to kill the market.
    I used TitaniumBackup to wipe data for the market.

    I went back into the market and my apps were not there but one of my purchased apps needed a update so I updated it then exited the market and went back into the market and all my apps were back. I probably could have installed a app instead of updating and it would of refreshed also.

    I still have no idea what caused all but my purchased apps to disappear.

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    I've also noticed that whenever I switch to a new Android phone, or do a factory reset, all my apps also disappear.
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    The only apps the Android market will remember is paid apps.

    If you want to have your free apps come back, you MUST backup/restore them using Titanium Backup or go get them from the market again. This is normal behaviour being described.
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    I don't know about others but both my paid apps and the free apps I have installed are saved in "My Apps" on the market.

    Sometimes the free ones disapper for some reason. This did not start until I installed TitaniumBackup. When they do disappear I wipe data for the market and they come back on the list.


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