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    Default Viewing Emoji

    Emoji is supposed to be standard in JB. But when friends send to my Note2 it comes up blank. Also when I try to send, same thing. But others have JB on their Note2 and GS3's and can see JB. Any way to enable on AT&T or why it wouldn't be working.?
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    Just depends. On the stock app I could see from my wifes iphone but she couldn't see the stock android ones. So, I installed Go SMS Pro. Other us Handcent. It works just fine and you can view and send emoji's/emoticons.
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    Default Re: Viewing Emoji

    Don't forget that if you download go sms that you have to download the go emoji plug in too to see them

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    Oops, crap sorry forgot about that. Thanks
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    Same with Handcent. Install plug in.
    Like the multiple options for fonts, colors, appearance, and the popup bubble displaying the messages

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