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    Angry 2 Note II's no Data on LTE today....

    I do not have LTE in my area of California here in Rancho Cucamonga so when im in Orange County I love to run speed test and test out the LTE speeds from back when I had my Note 1. Speeds in the Irvine area were up to 22mbps+ on the note 1. I finally had the chance to take my Note 2 into a LTE area and was completely taken back by the fact that on my first test I maxed out at 11Mbps then had zero data never reaching 1Mbps. Did a battery pop and reset my data and still nothing. My wife's note2 on a different contract but still on ATT also had zero data not even able to pull simple web pages or even Google Play. Has anyone else experienced the same issue on their phone?
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    Default Re: 2 Note II's no Data on LTE today....

    Had this problem on Friday in Ohio..... Dropping calls as they were ringing. Also, people couldn't reach me all day.

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