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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    Personally, I thank you for your invaluable Help! with that exceptional app.
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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    I just fixed this for a friends phone,

    He was using the default messenger app. I changed the default app to google hangouts
    by going into hangouts>settings>enable merged conversations(not sure this part is necessary)
    settings>SMS>SMS disabled (select this to make messenger the default app)
    I was then able to see a message from an unknown sender, the message did not show in the default app. it was a friends txt that for some reason did not format properly.
    I was able to delete the message. then changed the settings back. the indicator was reset now.
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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    Dear Mr. Mike Stephans,

    Many thanks for posting the solution. It worked well and I do not see the 1 indicator in SMS icon which was annoying. I did exactly as you said and the indicator disappeared.

    With Best Wishes,

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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    My phone is doing the same thing. I have tried everything. I even deleted the thread and it won't go away.
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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    I finally figured out the fix for group text messages with the date December, 31, 1969 that will not delete.
    Open settings > application manager > select each one of your messenger apps > clear data and clear cache > disable application > restart phone > open the one messenger app you want to use > set as default > erase all messages. They should never come back. If you have more than one messenger on your phone, do this with each application. You have to have the app set as your default to erase the messages so this works. Took me an hour but they're finally gone.
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    Default Re: Text Message Count Doesn't Go Away

    Me too. This had accured on my Samsung Android Max Patriot. :shocked:
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