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    Default CleanROM 4.5

    Has anyone tried cleanrom 4.5?
    What is/are the good and bad, compare to 4.2.5?

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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    I installed it the day it came out... To me... it just seems faster.... My wifi seems faster at home.... Can't say anything bad about it.
    It's now using the aroma installer, I believe.... Just make a backup of your 4.2.5 and upgrade to 4.5. If you don't like it, you can always restore your 4.2.5 via TWRP.
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    I'm looking at various ROMS roms and leaning towards installing cleanrom 4.5 as my first rom on my I317. I've just finished rooting and backing up my phone via TWRP and Titanium Backup and trying to decide what would be the best to start with.

    Would you suggest cleanrom 4.5?
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    I'm biased because I've only used the CleanRom roms....

    But since you have a backup of your phone via TWRP... if the rom doesn't work out for you for any reason, it only takes 5 min or so to restore...
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5


    I think I'm going to do it probably this weekend.. When I have some time to sit down and restore all my apps I want afterwords.. And make a list beforehand of all what I want since you can't use titanium backup.

    Are there any features or drawback that are not present it cleanrom that you get in the stock rom? S-Pen works fine right?
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    By the way, they always tell you to reset your phone then flash the rom.. But I don't.. I just install the ROM and when it's done all my apps are still there... I've done the clean install method but I couldn't see any advantages other than having to install all of my apps again.....

    Only drawback I'm aware is that you lose the NFC icon at the top when it's enabled... But there are ways to get it back.. Other than that everything else works.
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    Awesome thanks for the help... I don't care about NFC at all so that's not even a draw back to me. I'm definitely going to do this when I get a chance.

    Not sure I want to do clean install or not though.

    Thanks again
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    Default Re: CleanROM 4.5

    Thanks everyone.
    I installed 4.5 last night. It has been smooth and no issues so far. I like it

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