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    Default What carriers other than AT&T offer 3g for the N7100?

    So I've been using the Tmobile $30/month web plan on the N7100 for about 4-5 months when I realized I've been eating up the 100 minutes talking time and having to buy more. I found even though I was saving some money, it was ultimately pointless since I couldnt even use VOIP on my mobile data because I always got EDGE and it was abysmally slow. Long story short, it wasn't worth it.

    I did some quick research and read that people have been using Straight Talk on their N7100 as its a great deal - and you get 3g. Right. Right?

    Well I got Straight Talk and alas no 3g. Still stuck on EDGE. What the heck? I thought Straight Talk used AT&T towers for the N7100. I am confused.

    What carriers will give 3g on the N7100? Will any carriers, besides AT&T? Am I stuck with AT&T? :-/
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    Default Re: What carriers other than AT&T offer 3g for the N7100?

    As far as I can recall with straight talk you use either T-Mobile or att sim card. So maybe by chance your using a sim card that relies on tmobile as oppose to att. Another thing can be that maybe your APN settings are off a bit.
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    Default Re: What carriers other than AT&T offer 3g for the N7100?

    You don't say where you are located. It might be that T-Mobile only has Edge or limited 3G in your local. Straight talk may not want to pay AT&T's 3G rates in your local. AT&T and T-Mobile trade service all the time but Straight Talk buys from them and is stuck with what they let them use.

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