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    Default Where to buy and Prices $$$

    Lets start listing where the SGSII can be purchased, and for how much.

    We all know AT&T now has it for $199 on contract, $549 outright.

    Amazon shows it as $150 for a qualified upgrade. The phone page is down, but you can still add it to your cart and order it.

    Sams' Club also has it for $169 for a qualified upgrade, $199 for a new line

    Weird that a new line would be more expensive...


    I got my Wife's Infuse there for $99 a few weeks back, and they even let us keep her Unlimited Data plan. Works for me.

    Still waiting to see if CostCo will have it tomorrow. I like the idea of their 90 day return policy just in case the Nexus Prime is too tempting.

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    Default Re: Where to buy and Prices $$$

    I was so excited to walk into the store and get it it worth it to wait two-three days and save $50?


    We'll see how I feel when I wake up though.

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