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    Default Upgrade to ICS?

    Now that ICS has been out for a while, would you all recommend upgrading?
    I'm running stock Gingerbread 2.3.4, and am not interested in rooting.
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    Default Re: Upgrade to ICS?

    Yes, I would recommend it.

    After using it for a few months, I like it a lot. Being able to mount an SD card to the phone(via OTG cable and SD/USB card reader) to me is wonderful and makes it MUCH easier to view photos, email them, etc. The bloatware is still there but sometimes easy to disable(you can't uninstall Facebook which constantly sends data even with notifications off but you can disable it so that it won't send data). Chrome is a good alternative to the stock web broswer too(haven't used Dolphin since the upgrade to ICS). There are a few more reasons but those are the main ones that I like about ICS. Now hopefully we get Jelly Bean in the future!
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    Default Re: Upgrade to ICS?

    If you want to stick with stock, gb 2.3.4 should give you less troubles and better battery life than ICS, IMO. However, some also have good experience with the stock ICS. Therefore, YMMV. You might have to try it yourself.

    For me, I ditched the stock long time ago and is in CM-9 (ICS.) I don't think I can go back to stock anymore. Yes, it misses some sammy tw functions but I can always find the alternative someplace else.


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