ok so i was walking and i cracked my screen forever ago and im pretty sure the process of this happeneing would take that long.i dont know what happened because last night i left and i came back and i noticed the sides of my screen started turning blue and i dont know if anyone dropped it again which caused this or if they spilled water on it but i kinda ignored it and then like the next day i woke up i noticed it spread a lot more to the center of my screen and at the corners it started turning black. i kinda ignored it still cause i thought it was funny and would stop moving..but Now i woke up today and its completely black and i know its just a certian part of the screen because my phone still works in the backgrounf because i can see the light on the bottom row light up and still hear the sound when i turn my battery off and power it back on. Is there anyway to fix this because my phone isnt rooted though.