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    Default Voicemail notification won't go away

    I have a voicemail notification saying I have 2 new voicemails that won't go away. I have my google voice account set as my voicemail on my phone. When I click on the notification, it just calls my google voice number. I found an old thread on this forum that said to go to your voicemail and press * then listen through all the options and it would remove the notification but it didn't. I found an article saying to long press on the notification and do something from there, but nothing happened when I long pressed. Well, nothing popped up and when I finally removed my finger it called my GV number as if I had just tapped the notification. I'm not sure how long this has been going on but its starting to get on my nerves. The phone is relatively new to me, my dad sent it to me when I started having problems with my galaxy exhilirate (too many drops probably on that one...) so I've had it for about 2 months now. I hope you guys know how I can get rid of this, thanks!!
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    Default Re: Voicemail notification won't go away

    To clear the voice mail notification when it will not disappear despite hitting the clear notification button, Go to settings, application manager, slide top bar to all, go to phone, open it and hit clear data and the voice mail notification notice will disappear.

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