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    Default "Unable To Load Photo" Issue

    I just noticed that after I take a picture, I can see the picture in my Gallery. If I check the Gallery later, there's a blank screen where the picture I just took should be and if I click on it, the blank area has "unable to load photo". Pictures are still being stored to the SD card. I had recently switched SD cards from a 2G to a 16G. Am I doing something wrong??

    Figured it out...somehow unchoosing my stock camera for Instagram fixed the problem!
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    Default Re: "Unable To Load Photo" Issue

    Hmmm try formatting your SD card then try again
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    Default Re: "Unable To Load Photo" Issue

    Wouldnt formatting the SD card erase all the files? Im having the same issue, memory wise the photos are still there just cant see then
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    Default Re: "Unable To Load Photo" Issue

    I just started seeing the same issue. Probably a coincidence, but it started around the same time I installed Ingress and uploaded some photos. I now see an Ingress icon in Gallery, btw.
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    Default Re: "Unable To Load Photo" Issue

    Did anyone actually solve this problem.. its driving me crazy! Don't want to format SD card as I'm sure it will erase the pics I want to see...

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