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    Thanks that worked for my S4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glitchgod View Post
    I just installed the kies for windows 7 and ran it in admin rights. FRom there i connected it to my phone using stock power usb cable. When i connect the phone to the computer nothing happens and i just sit there waiting for something but nothing. I ninstalledd and reinstalled it but stil nothing. Also i ran thebuilt in tool and disconnected the cable, ran it, waited, restarted computer, then connected cable again but nothing. Looked around and found on samsung website a usb update file but still nothing.


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    Hi. I had the same problem i didn't know there are 2 types of cable, data cables and cables for charging (99p on ebay) try using the original 100% GENUINE SAMSUNG USB DATA CABLE.or you can get one from ebay but you must get the DATA cable type good luck. chris
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    Having tried KIES on two Win7 PCs & on XP PC the only solution that worked for me was ...

    Turn on the Developer USB option.
    This allows the drivers to install on the PC.
    Then turn the Developer USB option off.

    Thanks to previous posters for this invaluable tip.
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