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    Unhappy Battery life (2 phones, same settings, different battery consumption)

    Hi everyone,
    I have looked on here if anyone have had the same issue I am experiencing. I have 2 SGS3's and I have them both with the same settings (my wife's and mine). Her battery life after updating to JB went to sh1t. I started looking around and under battery settings I noticed her screen is consuming 55% while mine is only at 35%. I have put both phones at the same brightness (all the way to zero and checked the automatic brightness check box). I went back to the battery settings, refreshed the screen and the battery still shows being consumed 55%. My battery life is better on my phone than hers. Now, we took her phone to the AT&T store to get it checked out and they said there was nothing wrong with the software or hardware. They even flashed the phone with their software (JB) and gave me a new battery just to make sure it was not the battery. Do you have any suggestions or ideas of what it could be? Thank you!
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    Default Re: Battery life (2 phones, same settings, different battery consumption)

    seem not one reply you, i be the first. screen precent didn't mean anything it the setting you put. any screenshot will be helpful check my post am just new here.

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