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    Default Long received SMS being split and out of order

    I'm not sure if this is specific to receiving messages from Verizon customers, but when I do text this one person from Verizon and they send a long message, it splits it up into multiple messages and they all show up out of order in the conversation view. I've tried the SMS Time Fix app, but I don't know if I'm using it correctly. Either way, it's not working. Is there a way to fix this or possibly change the character limit so I can receive in one big block of text? It makes conversations so hard to read when I had to figure out which message goes where. I'm running AOKP's latest 4.2 ROM. It does it on stock ICS and Jelly bean too. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Long received SMS being split and out of order

    I have had this same experience with a friend who is a Verizon customer and sends "missiles" of text that always go over the 160 character limit for SMS and often go past 320. Once that happens the message becomes an MMS and they get delivered in the order in which they make it through the MMS queue rather than the order in which they were sent.

    I think this has to do with the APN settings with cross carrier mms.
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    Default Re: Long received SMS being split and out of order

    There isn't anything you can really do. This is due to the carriers.. ATT is GSM technology and it can handle huge text messages so that's why you can send a massive text to a friend on ATT and it all shows as one... Whereas a verizon or Sprint customer will "split" these texts as you mentioned. This is because CDMA technology (what Verizon and Sprint use) can only handle a 160 character text before it has to "break" it into multiples of 160 each.

    When I send a long text on Sprint on my screen it looks normal.. But I know it splits it up. The only thing to help the order its received is for the person sending it (your friend) to have a third party messaging app that will split the messages before going to the carrier. For example you see below that I use ChompSMS and it has this feature.. So if I send bigger than 160 character text messages the app automatically splits it and send it one by one to the carrier.. That way the carrier then sends it one by one to the person and then they stay in order.

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    Default Re: Long received SMS being split and out of order

    Good news for the future is that the cdma split will not occur on LTE which is based on the gsm standard . . . unless you are a Verizon iPhone 5 user, which has its LTE antenna integrated with the cdma antenna instead of separate antennas like on the gs3.

    code division sucks, but Verizon is doing a decent job of LTE rollout.

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