This is my first Android phone, so I'm still learning the ropes. But I've noticed a couple issues and I'm hoping to get some answers here. First, when I'm in a social media app, I'm having a problem with the screen not returning to where I left out when I open an item. For example, if I'm in my Facebook app and click on a story to read the comments, when I tap the back arrow, I'm back at the top of the screen again, not where I just left out. This is happening in Instagram, too. Not sure if there's some setting I need to change or what. I also only get social media notifications about half the time. Facebook is the worst.

Also, I have changed a few settings on the phone. I would like the haptic feedback to be turned on at all times. If I reboot the phone, however, it wipes out settings like that and I have to go back in and reset them. Any ideas?