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    Default S3 mic doesn't work

    I was using my S3 in the bath tub ( I know, I was being stupid) and it slipped out of my hands and some water got splashed on to it (the phone was not completely submerged). Being my stupid self, I dried it off and continued playing with it, as nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The speakers worked and the phone turned on as normal.

    About 1 hour later, I tried to call a friend. For some reason, my friend couldn't hear me. I could hear him though. After this incident, I took out my battery and SIM card and put the phone into a bowl of rice, as I heard that dried out the water. About 4 hours later, I took the phone out of the rice and tried to call someone again, but alas I had the same results as before, and they couldn't hear me. How long should I keep it in the rice, and is there anything else I can do? Such as factory resetting?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Default Re: S3 mic doesn't work

    To the right of your charging port is a tiny pinhole- this is your microphone. If you're holding your phone with your left hand, odds are very good that you're covering this hole with your pinky, as I was doing. I tried all the other crap: changing settings, cleaning out microphone, but my pinky occluding the microphone was the problem. A shameful design flaw on Samsung's part.
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    Default Re: S3 mic doesn't work

    I have also had pocket fuzz get into the hole and caused no one to hear me.

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