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    Unhappy Power/Power Button issues

    *Searched prior to posting* Recently I have had the issues with my power button sticking/malfunctioning, so i had it replaced. They didnt charge me because they couldn't fix the problem. Before i took it in i couldn't get the phone to turn on past the boot screen, now (when i had it the first hour) the phone would let me function but randomly go into sleep mode and in some cases bring up the power off option screen. I charged it since the battery was severely low and now the phone is back to where i started before i took it in. The phone maybe boots into the Samsung name and turns off and now the power button is not responsive at all . So what could it be that is wrong/ what are my options?
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    I've had this exact same thing happen 3 times now. once was for 30 mins, once was for about 5 hours and the last time (Friday) was about a day and a half. its weird itll just start working again out of the blue. anyone have any ideas?
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    Same problem and still searching for a reasonable solution. It seems that even replacing the power button completely (requires soldering, etc) is not a 100% fix. For the moment I installed button savior so that I don't have to press the power button ever, hopefully it will make the issue more manageable. Sigh to Samsung for ****ty power buttons.
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    Default Re: Power/Power Button issues

    hey if you wanna take it apart and see if maybe the plastic button is ticking or something check this out. I made it to try ro help others open up their phones without breaking them, just please be careful and only try it if you feel confident enough if not maybe there is a friend who is more familiar that can help you out.
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