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    I'm about to buy a Samsung s3 4g lite. ATT has a plan where you start out with 300mb and then your able to bump it up to 2gigs with out the big price punch. I'm only going to use this phone "Apps" wise for gps (Where you can speak to the phone and find a desired location in your area. IE Starbucks) at times live streaming News or sports if I'm waiting around the airport or any other place that's going to be a long waiting period. So my question to you all is this, will I eat up that 300mb like candy???

    Thank You.
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    Default Re: Data Memory Useage

    Probably so...
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    So having two gigs would be the best then??
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    I've had my GS3 since Thanksgiving of 2012. My personal experience is that you'll need 2gb just to be safe. I'm continually having to put mine in airplane mode to force it from updating via the phone which it seems to want to do even in the house. Depending on what apps you have on the phone updates can use between 30-60mb per update. My plan just updated yesterday for the statement period and updates alone have already eaten 121mb. I thought there used to be an option to force updates only when wifi was present but I can't seem to find it with this latest software update.
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    ATT has a "Special" going on right now. They give you 350mb, and then within Three Weeks, I can upgrade to 2gig at a MUCH Lower price. So I figure I'll just wait that time period out and then upgrade......Suggestions??

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