I was out skiing and landed full on on my phone (was in a breast pocket on the inside of my coat) later when i took my phone out i noticed there were hairline fractures that i could only see if i tilted the phone so that that light reflected off the cracks. i have a protective case on my phone and the plastic covering over the phone too. see as the plastic film isn't cracked i would guess it got compressed and cracked that way. my phone will now make the appropriate sound when turning on. vibrate when being turned on or off. the back button and the other one (note sure what it is) both light up when the phone is on. the blue/red charging light still blinks regularly. but the screen remain black and has no glow (took it into a dark room to be sure) and the water sound when you tap it on home screen doesn't come out either so i believe the touchscreen is shot.

do i just need to replace the screen or is it time for a new phone?

i have no warranty.