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    Default music files on my mini sd card become corrupted

    I put mp3 music on my sd card the regular way by dragging the songs in the sd card space on my computer. everything is fine until after I put them in, some mp3's turn into strange looking files. When this happens, the songs do not show up in my music player any longer. Also, when I try to play some songs that seem to not have been damaged, they play a track that is not even related to it. For example, I tried to play a nickleback song and it started playing zztop. I have looked and tried to pick out songs that looked corrupted or something but I can't find the problem. Now i do know that way back in the day I downloaded some songs off of a probably fishy website, but I can't tell which songs they were. Honestly, I don't know if my sd card is the problem or if its some songs that are the issue. I wonder, because I don't think a a few bad songs could corrupt half of my 2000 song library on my phone. It makes me think that its my sd card, but still I don't know. I have reformatted my sd card many times to try and fix this issue, but the same thing keeps happening. Help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: music files on my mini sd card become corrupted

    Have you re-formated the card using your PC or phone ?

    I tried to play a nickleback song and it started playing zztop
    You music player app and/or playlists seem a little screwed...

    Re-Format your card using a different device than what you used, clear your phone's cache (Settings/storage/cache)

    Transfer to your phone via USB cable, with your device set to act as a "mass storage device".

    Try using VLC or Neutron or some other well-regarded app to play your music, and make your playlists from the phone itself using a Playstore app.

    Suggested apps:

    . (Paid, available)

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